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Peer-Review Site G2 Crowd Compares the Best HCM Solutions—Ultimate Software is a "Leader" in ALL Categories

G2 Crowd’s leading business software review platform is focused on helping businesses make better purchasing decisions by collecting and sharing end-user reviews. In its reports, G2 Crowd summarizes insights from expert peers, everyday users, and aggregated data to score competitive products.

G2 Crowd rates HCM solutions in areas such as Core HR, Recruiting, Payroll, and Performance Management. Please click below for a detailed report on the given topics.

Best Recruiting—G2 Crowd 2016 Recruiting Grid℠ Report
Recruiting software refers to software designed to facilitate the sourcing, hiring, and onboarding of new employees. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) manage the application and hiring process and allow hiring managers to organize applications, schedule interviews, track notes, and store resumes for future consideration.

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UltiPro recognized in Core HR based on user reviews Best Core HR—G2 Crowd 2017 Grid℠ Report
Core HR software automates the systems and processes of organization management, time/attendance/PTO, expense management, salary structures, compliance, and benefits administration. Employers benefit from Core HR software systems by giving HR professionals the ability to manage, engage, and adapt with employees at scale.

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Best Performance Management—G2 Crowd 2016 Performance Management Grid℠ Report
Performance management software refers to software designed to align an organization’s goals, set company performance standards, and measure employee progress in pursuit of these goals. This software typically allows managers to provide feedback to employees through performance reviews, set compensation and merit bonuses based on custom rules, plan ahead to help ensure they have the right skill sets in their talent pool, and plan for their employees’ career paths and succession.

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