Going Green with UltiPro


Our commitment to sustainability. Your green benefits.

Ultimate Software is firmly committed to sustainability strategies in its own business practices and through its human capital management solutions that replace paper processes. Ultimate has earned a “green business” certification from the Institute for Green Business Certification, Inc. for conservation measures in areas such as waste reduction, recycling, reduction in office material usage, purchasing, and energy savings. Read the full story on Ultimate’s Green Business Certification.

Many companies today are realizing the tremendous benefits of going green to not only conserve natural resources, but also to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and better meet organizational goals.

The areas where companies can see the greatest impact from “going green”? Payroll and HR—which typically have required tons of paperwork, printed paychecks, forms, handbooks, and manuals.

By delivering instant Web access to employees, managers, and administrators, UltiPro enables customers to go paperless and drastically diminish their environmental footprint. UltiPro allows employees to view and update their personal work-related information, receive paperless paychecks, enroll in benefits programs, and request paid time off and more—all without a single form, document, or piece of paper.

Here are just a few examples of the green benefits our customers have experienced with UltiPro:

Our company believes strongly in making the world a better place to live, and we are totally committed to the highest levels of eco-friendly business practices. By taking advantage of paperless HR and payroll with UltiPro, we are creating a lighter ecological footprint as well as adding to greater savings for our business.

Joy Driscoll, HRIS Analyst
National Life Group

We are astonished at the amount of paper and the related costs that we have been able to reduce with UltiPro. There’s zero environmental footprint as we have eliminated the need to print and handle tons of paper.

Lisa Shea, Assistant Director of HR
SUBWAY® Restaurant System

Previously, we used reams of paper in HR, and now with UltiPro, we use a fraction of that to print, handle, and store forms. We feel good about taking this step to protect the environment. It fits with our organization’s overall commitment to conservation.

Thomas Mazzocco, Chief Operations Officer
San Diego Convention Center

Wente Vineyards has had a green initiative for more than 10 years. Every day our company makes sure our business processes support the environment, and UltiPro has had a huge impact on reducing our carbon footprint. UltiPro is providing convenience for our employees as well as supporting our business objectives.

Jenn Carlson, HRIS and Payroll Manager
Wente Vineyards

Uniform Standard for Green Business Certification