UltiPro Services

UltiPro® Delivering the HR, Payroll, Benefits Services You Need

UltiPro Services brings together managing human resources functions and payment and printing services.

  • UltiPro Partners for Life
    Partners for Life encompasses rapid, industry-leading activation, unrivaled customer support, free, unlimited training, budget-proof consulting projects and proven cloud services so that you get the most value with your investment in UltiPro.
  • UltiPro Managed Services
    As the complexities of managing and paying employees have evolved, many organizations find it makes better business sense to seek assistance when managing functions such as HR, payroll, benefits, and project management. UltiPro Managed Services enables you to conserve internal resources yet still retain the control, quick access, and flexibility that come with leveraging cloud technology.
  • Payment Services
    You can ensure your time and resources are spent on best supporting your people with UltiPro Payment Services handling your tax filing and other pay-related services.
  • W-2 Print Services
    With UltiPro, each year, Ultimate will print, seal, and send you your employee W-2 Forms—ready for immediate employee distribution. Ultimate notifies you throughout the process—from receipt of your year-end file to shipment of the W-2s back to your office. Best suited for a mid-market organization.
  • UltiPro Check Printing
    If your organization doesn’t have the bandwidth or resources for internal payroll check printing, UltiPro Check Printing is a perfect solution to meet your needs. Flexible and easy-to-use, UltiPro Check Printing lets you maximize time, money, and resources while maintaining paycheck security and delivery schedules. You simply process your payroll with UltiPro and checks are printed and returned to you—at your convenience.