Raydon Corporation

Reducing several hours from payroll processing while increasing speed and accuracy

Key Benefits
  • Reducing several hours from payroll processing each pay period while increasing speed and accuracy
  • Improving companywide communications and collaboration through centralized business portal
  • Benefiting from Ultimate’s industry-leading customer service

Raydon Corporation is the top provider of convoy trainers to the United States Armed Services and the largest domestic commercial source of novice driver trainers. The company ranks as one of the world’s leading developers of simulation training products and solutions. Raydon’s designs are grounded in economical platforms — a range of hardware delivery systems — that support integrated operation and rich training content, delivering affordable simulation training solutions to a variety of global military, medical, and corporate organizations.

300 employees

Raydon Corporation had been using a payroll service bureau, but with its rapid, ongoing expansion, the company needed a unified, single-source HCM solution to address the full scope of its people management.


Raydon Corporation made the switch to UltiPro in 2012, and the company immediately began to experience a range of business benefits, including time and cost savings.

“Our deployment of UltiPro was great, both quick and seamless, and we are so pleased that our people-facing operations are more efficient than ever,” said Michelle Warner, finance manager at Raydon Corporation.

“Previously, it could take days to process payroll. With UltiPro, our payroll now is much faster, smoother, and more accurate. At a minimum, we’ve gained several hours each pay period to focus on other important initiatives that support our overall business.”

By leveraging cloud-based UltiPro for HCM, Raydon has moved to a paperless payroll, reduced costs, and provided employees and managers with instant, 24-7 access to a full range of information and resources so they can quickly and effectively perform business activities. UltiPro’s business portal acts as central gateway so Raydon employees can stay up to date with news, quickly view compensation details, and review or modify direct deposit and W-4 information.

“UltiPro has been a great way to improve our companywide communications and collaboration,” said Warner. “We now have a single go-to place for people-related actions and events at Raydon, and our employees like that they have the convenience of quickly accessing their information from anywhere and at any time.”

According to Warner, employee response has been positive, user adoption is high, and her team also is very impressed that Ultimate’s customer service teams are very responsive when providing assistance.

“The customer service at Ultimate Software is remarkable — so much better when compared with the payroll service bureau. We have had a fast turnaround time for anything we’ve needed,” said Warner.

“Plus, one of the strengths of UltiPro is that its interface is very easy-to-use — whether the end user is a system administrator, employee, manager, or executive. Not only is HR happy, but managers and employees have been very pleased that we made the change to this user-friendly technology.”

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