Islands Restaurants

Achieves HR Business Objectives with UltiPro

Key Benefits
  • Delivered point-in-time metrics and dashboards to managers and executives
  • Removed manual efforts and paper processes by managing all employee information electronically
  • Improved work-life experience for employees with an advanced, easy-to-use technology platform

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Islands Restaurants is a casual-dining chain with approximately 65 locations and 3,900 employees in the United States. Starting with the company’s first restaurant in 1982, Islands Restaurants has focused on serving top-quality hamburgers, fries, tacos, soups, and salads in a laid-back atmosphere.

3,900 employees

Islands Restaurants was using a payroll service bureau, but found it needed a more advanced and innovative HR solution to control operational investments, minimize risk, and enhance the employee experience.


The company chose UltiPro for its business intelligence, HR process automation, and its enhanced technology platform.

“We believe that for a business to function well, especially in the restaurant industry, it needs really powerful technology,” said Warren Boone, vice president of HR for Islands Restaurants. “We have changed the way we handle the people side of our business by using UltiPro as our single system for HR, payroll, onboarding, performance management, and time management, rather than relying upon manual effort, paper processes, and outdated technologies and methods. We migrated our business from the cost and energy associated with these transactions to managing all of our employee information electronically. With UltiPro, we have insight into our strategic HCM like never before.”

Organizations such as Islands Restaurants can utilize UltiPro’s analytics tools and business intelligence reporting to gain greater insight into all of their processes and complete visibility into their workforce. Managers and executives can run and analyze a range of timely reports about operations and personnel without having to send requests to HR—and with confidence, knowing the information is accurate and up to date.

“From an executive perspective, UltiPro’s business intelligence is adding the most value to our business,” said Boone. “We can configure total compensation statements to fit our needs, review turnover reports based on org levels or by restaurant, more accurately create reporting needed for compliance, and more. UltiPro’s reporting capabilities allow us to deliver these point-in-time metrics to managers and executives on their schedules. The dashboards provide our managers with information that they would have previously had to wait for. The increased visibility into our people information is helping us manage our business better, and we have more insight into what actions we need to take to recruit and retain the best workforce.”

In an industry that traditionally has 90% to 100% turnover, Islands Restaurants has been able to maintain a much lower churn by remaining focused on its people. Employees use UltiPro for direct access to their personal information at any time, from viewing pay information and W-2s to managing benefits selections and performance reviews.

“One of the main reasons we wanted an advanced, easy-to-use solution like UltiPro was to improve the work-life experience for our employees,” said Boone. “We try to put ourselves in their shoes. They expect to have convenient access to their information at work, at home, or on mobile. They also need to be able to conduct certain transactions without having to wait on an email request. Our people are important to us, and their reactions to UltiPro have been very positive. We believe that UltiPro is helping to position Islands Restaurants as a more people-focused and technologically advanced company that cares about its employees. We are very pleased with the improvements our business and our people are experiencing with UltiPro.”

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