Partners / Mosaic Consulting Group

Mosaic Consulting Group is a team of enthusiastic Sherpas (legendary guides that help others reach their goals) of Ultimate Software and UltiPro®. Our team of experts will guide your organization to peak UltiPro performance.

Trailblazing UltiPro solutions that we deliver:
Premier Support for UltiPro; Merger/Acquisition Support; Benefit Vendor File Development; HR/Payroll/HRIS System and Process Architecture; Role-based Report Packages; Customized Training; Open Enrollment Configuration; Outsourced Payroll/HRIS Services; GL Automation

Do you need someone to simply guide you along the way, or do you need someone to shoulder the load of the entire climb? Either way, Mosaic can help. We have the UltiPro skills and experience to take you to the summit, and we are committed to making you successful!

Partner since 2012