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HR HERO:  William Pokluda, Daymon Worldwide

Seamlessly Managing ‘Big Bang’ Rollout of HR Management Software

With the help of nearly two dozen colleagues, William Pokluda, senior manager of human resources for Daymon Worldwide, re-engineered the company's HCM processes to build efficiencies, move to near-paperless operations, and take its HR and payroll operations to a new level.

Ultimately, Pokluda believes that happy employees are at the root of the company's success, and he has remained dedicated to building a culture of empowerment, outside-the-box thinking, and self-sufficiency for Daymon’s 1,500 employees.

To facilitate the process, he managed the 'big bang' roll-out of UltiPro on January 4, 2010 — delivering a single HCM platform for payroll, HR, recruitment, employee self-service, manager self-service, time and attendance, onboarding, performance management, and life events.

Pokluda is also using UltiPro's end-to-end functionality to manage another 1,500 international employees through the core UltiPro solution so corporate leadership can efficiently track the company's global workforce.

“We're all about people, and we want Daymon Worldwide be a great place to work. With UltiPro, we have made remarkable strides by transforming the day-to-day functions of HR and payroll to achieve rapid results in the near future,” says Pokluda.

“UltiPro is a big part of our transformation and has been very well received across our business. Now we have truly unified HCM, and we have the tools to improve collaboration, make more informed business decisions, and support a culture of communication.”