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HR HERO:  Pam Fitch and Heidi McCoy, Westward Seafoods

Fast-Tracking Deployment of HCM Solutions for Better Business Results

Seattle-based Westward Seafoods secures and processes more than 300 million lbs. of Alaskan fish and shellfish to meet the growing global demand for quality sustainable seafood. And with a large team of seasonal and temporary workers spread out from the Bering Sea to the Gulf of Alaska, Westward Seafoods’ Pam Fitch and Heidi McCoy captained a fast-track UltiPro activation to streamline their company’s human capital management processes.

On October 1, Westward Seafoods simultaneously rolled out UltiPro for recruitment, onboarding, human resources, payroll and time and attendance — in a rapid 14 weeks.

Dedicated to keeping the ambitious project on track, Heidi and Pam were the only two Westward employees working on the activation; however, they never lost their focus on a final successful outcome, wavered from their commitment to the goals, or lost their sense of humor about their ambitious decision to go live with all four solution features at once.

When advised that the activation schedule was aggressive and that a phased approach might be easier, Pam and Heidi simply rolled up their sleeves and said, “No, we’re going to do it!”

With the simultaneous activation, Pam and Heidi enabled Westward Seafoods to immediately streamline what previously had been intensely manual hiring and payroll processes.

For instance, using talent acquisition and onboarding, Westward Seafoods’ HR team can now quickly hire large numbers of seasonal recruits for their processing plants. They literally make an offer to the candidate, and the new employee accepts the job and flies to Alaska that same day. Before new hires land in Alaska, they have been fully processed into UltiPro with their time sheets waiting for them.

Pam and Heidi also "wowed" their entire workforce, especially their managers, by rolling out UltiPro’s role-based access for employees and managers in tandem with the go-live. Previously, Westward employees never had the ability to view and update information. Now they can access this critical data from home or work, 24/7. The response from employees has been overwhelmingly positive.

What were Pam’s and Heidi’s reactions when it was all done? As they reflected on the past three and a half months, Pam said, "We'd do it the same way all over again!"

Congratulations to Pam and Heidi, our two latest HR Heroes!