Customer Stories

Our customers appreciate the comprehensive approach we've taken to managing the employee life cycle, with features for strategic HR; talent acquisition and hiring; onboarding; payroll; compliance; benefits enrollment and management; compensation management; performance management and reviews; succession management; career development; real-time reporting and analytics; time and attendance; plus 24-7 direct access for executives, managers, administrators, and employees.

Looking for a human resources management solution that can handle the needs of your entire organization? UltiPro has been created to adapt to the unique needs of many businesses and industries.

Don’t take our word for it—check out some of these customer stories below.

AAA Carolinas Supports Overall Business with Cloud-Based HCM

Leveraging unified HCM to simplify work, increase employee engagement

Ahlstrom Nonwovens Leverages HR Analytics to Reduce HCM Costs

Staying on top of labor costs in a changing economy

Alfa Laval's HR Managers Rave About Cloud-Based HR

Effectively managing employee data with UltiPro's HRM solution

Allen Samuels Handles Complex Payroll with UltiPro

Streamlining payroll processes for significant time savings

Ames True Temper Gains HR Insight with Strategic Business Intelligence

Aligning HR and talent management via cloud-based HRIS

ARUP Laboratories Leverages HR Software in the Cloud for Control and Convenience
Ash Grove Cement Elevates HCM Operations

Streamlining approval processes for requests and modifications with UltiPro

AURA Increases Speed, Strategic Insight with Cloud-Based UltiPro

Leveraging cloud technology to accelerate full range of HR and payroll operations

Berkeley College Leverages HR Talent Management Software to Ease Transitions

Achieving higher levels of employee adoption with HRM technology

Birmingham Water Works Accelerates Performance Management with Cloud-Based HRIS

Increasing visibility into talent metrics across the organization with UltiPro

Bloomin' Brands Strengthens HCM Operations with HR Software

Managing complex payroll for very large workforce across multiple businesses with UltiPro

Blyth, Inc. Better Manages Global Information with HCM Software

Reduces HR administration by 50% through instant access for employees and managers

Boston Culinary Group Better Handles Rapid Growth, Complex Payroll with HR Payroll Software

Easily handling tax calculations, including reciprocity among states by using UltiPro

BWI Companies Improves HCM Efficiencies with HR Cloud-Based Solution

Improving HCM efficiencies and enhancing data integrity with UltiPro

Cardno TBE Improves Human Capital Management with HR Talent Management Software

Saving time and paper for critical HR processes, like benefits enrollment, with UltiPro

Carlisle Companies Increases Strategic Insight, Employee Retention with Human Resources Software

Delivering instant, real-time metrics on key business trends, such as turnover

Carolina CAT Advances HR, Payroll, and Talent Management with UltiPro

Providing instant access to personal information with HCM software

Chesapeake Utilities Enhances Strategic Value and Ensures SOX Compliance with HRMS

Alleviating IT spend for system upgrades, maintenance, and backups with UltiPro

Chicago Cubs Masters Complex HCM with HR & Payroll Software
Cineplex Entertainment Supports Large Employee Population with Easy-to-Use HCM Technology

Consolidating and managing workforce information in one system of record with UltiPro

City of Nampa Achieves a Range of Bottom-Line Contributions with HR Management Software

Activates within 90 days and Improved management of time and attendance

Community Coordinated Care for Children Maximizes Resources with Cloud-Delivered HRM

Benefiting from cost-effective, predictable pricing that does not strain cash reserves

Concord Hospitality Transforms HCM for North American Workforce with HRIS

Increasing employee engagement and productivity with streamlined onboarding software

Consolidated Restaurant Operations Substantially Reduces Payroll Expenses with Payroll Software

Centralizing HR and payroll for all locations with UltiPro, an HRMS

CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company Streamlines Talent Management with UltiPro

Accelerating talent acquisition via candidate-centric, cloud-based technology

CORT Business Services Unifies HCM, Elevates Business with Cloud-Delivered HCM

Simplifying benefits enrollment for employees and increasing HR efficiency with UltiPro

Covenant Retirement Communities Streamlines Complex HCM Processes with UltiPro

Elevating HR as a strategic business partner across departments with human resources software

Crew Carwash Enhances HCM Agility, Business Continuity with Ultimate's Cloud Solution
Culligan International Centralizes North American HR and Payroll with UltiPro

Achieving greater cost savings with global HCM software

David Weekley Homes Increases Organizational Efficiencies with HRMS Software

Automates a range of HR process for cost-effective management of rapid growth with UltiProAutomates a range of HR process to cost-effectively manage rapid growth

Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems Drastically Improves Complex Payroll Processing

Accommodating a scalable, diverse workforce with UltiPro

Diamond Vogel Paints Takes Control of HR and Payroll with HR Software

Improving reporting for day-to-day operations oversight, compliance with UltiPro

Disability Services of the Southwest Leverages HRM Software to Manage Diverse Workforce

Streamlining processes for HR talent management with UltiPro

Dungarvin Achieves HCM Efficiencies with Ultimate's Cloud Solution for HR and Payroll

Enhancing companywide business intelligence, better managing payroll with UltiPro

eClinicalWorks Manages Rapid Expansion with HR, Payroll and Talent Management Software

Significantly increase HCM efficiencies, providing better services to employees

Elizabeth Arden Maintains HR and Payroll Continuity with Ultimate's Cloud Platform

Managing HR and payroll processes with anytime, anywhere access

Explorer Pipeline Transforms Human Capital Management with UltiPro

Delivering instant data access with one system of record for human capital management

First Horizon Leverages SaaS for Optimal Efficiencies and Enhanced Employee Communications

Providing 24-7 access to HR and payroll details for employees and managers in hundreds of locations

First Volunteer Bank Achieves Fast Access to Real-Time HCM Analytics with UltiPro

Consolidating human capital management data into one cohesive solution

G4S Government Solutions Experiences Overall Business Benefits with UltiPro

Managing complex payroll, including global workforce with 300 accrual plans and 400 benefits plans

Goldbelt, Incorporated Enjoys Greater Efficiencies for Complex Payroll with UltiPro

Creating range of cost savings with single-source human capital management

Grand Circle LLC Elevates Global Operations for Human Capital Management with UltiPro
Healogics Supports Substantial Growth, Streamlines Complex Reporting with UltiPro

Leveraging cloud technology to streamline HCM for dispersed workforce

Herman Miller Fully Manages HR and Payroll for 5,000 Employees with UltiPro’s Cloud-Based HCM

Improving reliability and accessibility of workforce information with unified HCM

High Liner Foods Increases Human Capital Management Efficiencies for North American Operations

Accelerating information delivery, including real-time HCM analytics

HOLT CAT Achieves Savings and Efficiencies with Cloud-Delivered UltiPro

Streamlining talent acquisition and eliminating paper-intensive processes

Hooters of America Builds Efficiencies and Adds Strategic Value with UltiPro

Saving time and costs through automating critical HR processes with web functionality

Horizon Hobby Delivers Global Reporting, Masters Complex Time Management with UltiPro

Leveraging strategic business intelligence, making dramatic improvements to time management

Hunton & Williams Reduces Costs, Improves HCM with Ultimate’s Technology

Providing instant data access to one system of record for Human Capital Management

Ideal Innovations Improves Global Visibility, Makes Strategic Gains with UltiPro

Providing one central hub for global employee information

INNOVIM Case Study

Supports Talent Initiatives, Overall Business with Ultimate Software’s Unified HCM Solution

Interstate Resources Achieves Lower Costs and More Flexibility with SaaS Delivery

Improving the quality and speed of strategic business intelligence and reporting

J. Polep Distribution Services Prepares for Future Expansion with UltiPro

Empowering employees and streamlining processes with instant access

JELD-WEN Opens the Door to Significant Savings with UltiPro

Leveraging an agile human resources management solution to accommodate future expansion

Laird Technologies Enhances Global Employee Data Management with UltiPro

Delivers a centralized platform for greater HCM accuracy and reporting for a multinational workforce

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Delivers Award-Winning Business Improvements with UltiPro

Connects applicant information to one centralized platform for strategic HR talent management

Miles Kimball Enhances Efficiencies with One Centralized Human Capital Management Solution

Improving accuracy and eliminating data entry with unified HCM

Minitab Transforms Human Capital Management with UltiPro

Experiencing significant business improvements with meaningful, real-time HR metrics

MLB Network Drives Business Value with Cloud-Based UltiPro for Human Capital Management

Reducing business expenditures related to software, maintenance, and security

National Aquarium Controls Expenses, Transforms Human Resources Management with UltiPro
National Fire Protection Association Streamlines Workforce Reporting with UltiPro and SaaS Delivery

Delivering consolidated human capital management with minimal to no IT spend

National Life Insurance Company Leverages UltiPro to Achieve Green Human Capital Management

Substantial reducing paper-consuming activities and related costs

Nikon Inc. Experiences High Levels of Efficiencies with Cloud-Delivered UltiPro

Empowering workforce with 24-hour access to information

Northgate Markets Manages Rapid Growth with Unified HCM Technology

Increasing speed and accuracy of HR, payroll, and talent operations

Octapharma Plasma Supports Expansion with Enhanced Reporting, Accelerated Onboarding

Providing immediate access to HCM-related business intelligence and analytics

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Delivers Overall Business Impact with UltiPro

Reducing the time and effort store managers needed to spend on payroll

Pep Boys Leverages HCM for Overall Business Impact with UltiPro

Increasing efficiency, control, and flexibility by using cloud technology for complex HCM

Phoenix Suns & Arizona Diamondbacks Achieves Deeper Levels of HCM Intelligence
Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Leverages Cloud-Based UltiPro to Enhance HCM

Safeguarding business continuity through cloud technology

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Achieves Strategic HR and Payroll with UltiPro

Enhancing speed and accuracy with HCM business intelligence

Praxair Streamlines HCM for Canadian Employees with UltiPro

Leverages single-source technology for improved human capital management

Raydon Corporation Elevates HCM with Cohesive, Easy-to-Use Technology

Reducing several hours from payroll processing while increasing speed and accuracy

Republic Airways Achieves Strategic HR Improvements with UltiPro

Leveraging business intelligence for strategic decision-making and forecasting

Rosen’s Diversified Inc. Effectively Manages Complex Payroll, Accelerates Reporting

Taking advantage of instant access to precise, real-time analytics on dispersed workforce

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Delivers Companywide Impact with UltiPro

Increasing business agility, reducing costs with cloud HCM

San Diego Convention Center Aligns HR, Payroll, and Talent Management in Unified HCM
Scottsdale Healthcare Streamlines HCM and Drives Green Initiatives with UltiPro

Leveraging manager self-service for better decision-making

Seattle Biomedical Research Institute Elevates HCM by Switching to Cloud Delivery

Leveraging better data protection and recovery for business continuity

SECURA Insurance Achieves Optimal Savings and Efficiencies with Cloud HCM

Reducing payroll processing from one week to one day

Semblex Corporation Improves HCM, Drives Business Gains

Experiencing soft-cost savings as result of 24-7 direct access for managers and employees

Sony Music Entertainment Supports Strategic HR with Cloud Technology

Leveraging unified HCM for better, faster, and more cost-efficient operations

Space Coast Credit Union Achieves Business Benefits with Ultimate’s Cloud Technology

Empowering employees with 24-hour access to HR information

Spang & Company Leverages Cloud-Based UltiPro for Business Gains

Delivering substantial time savings and cost reductions with one HCM solution

Spirit Mountain Casino Accelerates HCM with Cloud-Based UltiPro

Leveraging accurate, real-time business intelligence

Stifel Handles Performance-Based Compensation and Company Growth

Improving analysis of compensation trends, costs, and staffing ratios

SUBWAY® Elevates Business Strategy with UltiPro's Talent Suite

Delivering instant metrics and analytics for global recruitment

Swedish Covenant Hospital Achieves Strategic HR with Ultimate’s Cloud Solution

Streamlining HR, payroll, and benefits with unified HCM

Teavana Increases HCM Agility for Rapidly Expanding Workforce

Improving HCM business intelligence and reporting for strategic gains

Texas Roadhouse Achieves Peak HCM by Moving to Cloud Technology

Achieving over $1 million in savings over a five-year period

The Container Store Controls Costs and Empowers Employees with Cloud HCM
Therma-Tru Doors Benefits from End-to-End HCM with Cloud UltiPro

Streamlines processes for strategic talent management

Thomas & King Optimizes Business Performance with Cloud-Based HCM

Leveraging strategic reporting and HCM analytics

TI Automotive Achieves Savings of $500,000 Annually with UltiPro

Decreasing time spent on salary management by 50%

United Nations Federal Credit Union Elevates HR and Payroll with SaaS

Providing HR teams with real-time visibility to workforce analytics

Waterjet Holdings

Accelerates Performance and Business Collaboration with UltiPro

Wente Vineyards Leveraging Strategic Talent Management for Business Impact

Enhancing the employee experience with easy-to-use technology

Western National Property Management Leverages Cloud JCM for Strategic Gains

Better managing unique and complex payroll calculations

Westminster Communities of Florida Improves HR, Payroll with Cloud Technology

Taking advantage of strategic reporting and analytics to drive business

Yamaha Corporation of America Impacts Overall Business Results with Cloud UltiPro

Transforming HR into strategic resource that facilitates better business decisions

YMCAs Increases Business Intelligence on Diverse Workforce

Leverages unified HCM for business impact

Zoës Kitchen Effectively Manages, Engages Bilingual Workforce

Accelerating speed and accuracy for onboarding new hires