On-Demand Webcast: 5 Ways to Get the Most out of
Your Millennial Employees

New National Research and Step-by-Step Strategies You Can Use Now

Discover five specific ways to increase recruiting and retention right now with our Millennial WebcastGenerational differences are a challenge for even the most experienced managers. And considering many organizations currently employ at least three different age groups, it’s not getting any easier. So what can you do today to solve your generational challenges to improve recruiting, retention, communication, and more?

In this powerful on-demand webinar, Jason Dorsey, millennials researcher and bestselling author, and Adam Rogers, Ultimate Software’s Chief Technology Officer, reveal never-before-seen research on Generation Y (“millennials”), Generation X, and Baby Boomers. Led by The Center for Generational Kinetics and Ultimate Software, this exclusive research uncovers the truth about multi-generational workforces. Learn what’s going on, why, and what you can
do right now to drive measurable results—directly from the
leading experts in the field.

Don’t miss your chance to gain valuable insight directly from the leading experts in the field.

Jason Dorsey
Millennials Researcher and Bestselling Author

Jason Dorsey is the leading millennials researcher and speaker. In his day job, Jason is Chief Strategy Officer at The Center for Generational Kinetics. At The Center, he goes behind the scenes with companies and their generational data from around the world. A bestselling author at age 18, Jason’s latest book is Y-Size Your Business. He has been featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, The View and many more.

Adam Rogers
Chief Technology Officer

Adam Rogers is Ultimate Software's Chief Technology Officer, overseeing the company's product strategy, development, and delivery via the cloud. Adam joined Ultimate more than 17 years ago and has helped lead the company in its pioneering efforts to deliver human capital management (HCM) solutions via the cloud, making Ultimate the first to deliver HR and payroll cloud solutions. As part of those efforts, Adam and his team have been recognized by Forrester Research and other leading IT research firms for Ultimate's development of best practices in agile software development.