Spirit Mountain Casino

Leveraging accurate, real-time business intelligence

Key Benefits
  • Delivers accurate, real-time business intelligence
  • Expedites recruitment with Web functionality
  • Achieves significant time savings so HR resources now directed toward business-critical initiatives

Located near Portland, Oregon, Spirit Mountain Casino was created to enhance economic self-sufficiency opportunities for its tribal community; to promote economic diversification by the tribes; and to support a variety of housing, educational, and cultural programs. The property also includes a 254 room lodge, 90,000 square feet of casino gaming, five restaurants, and live entertainment and special events.

1,500 employees

Previously, Spirit Mountain Casino used a service bureau for payroll and a separate in-house product for human resources management—resulting in paper reports and data that didn’t sync, redundant HR management, and cumbersome workflow. The organization decided to switch to a cloud-delivered HCM solution that included advanced HR, payroll, and benefits functionality supported detailed, cohesive reporting.


Since going live on UltiPro, Spirit Mountain has already experienced savings in the form of streamlined reporting, a new paperless initiative, and decreased administrative and tactical duties due to easy-to-use Web functionality for manager self-service, employee self-service, and recruitment.

“Reporting is so much faster and relevant now that we have UltiPro. Previously, the reports from the payroll service bureau were often outdated and weren’t always correlated with the data from our HR system, so we had to compare the results and then reconcile them,” said Candy Scranton, HRIS manager for Spirit Mountain Casino. “UltiPro’s reporting is point-in-time and very flexible, so we can quickly get what we need. Our team used to spend two to three months putting together benefits statements for employees. It’s been a life-saver for us to run complete total compensation reports for employees in less than a day.”

Automating many manual processes with UltiPro’s Web-based feature sets has resulted in additional time savings for Spirit Mountain because transactions can be conducted online rather than with paper forms. Many processes that used to require paperwork, such as creating employee job requisitions, can be completed electronically with UltiPro using built-in workflow that routes information to the appropriate approver. Job applicants can apply online for open positions, and the entire process is handled via UltiPro.

Spirit Mountain Casino already scans and stores applicant resumes in UltiPro and, by the end of the year, the HR team plans to have all employee personnel files stored in UltiPro so the documents are more accessible to administrators, managers, and executives. UltiPro also walks users through detailed processes, like inputting new hires, rehires, and terminations, to make sure they do not omit a step or finish without fully completing necessary fields.

“We re-hire a fair amount of our employees, and this process is a breeze with UltiPro,” said Scranton. “Previously, we had to enter returning staff as if they were new employees every time, so they had multiple employee numbers, W-2s, and more. UltiPro has dramatically simplified our processes for us.”

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