Nikon Inc.

Empowering workforce with 24-hour access to information

Key Benefits
  • Time and money saved with Web-based solutions
  • Workforce empowered with 24-hour information access
  • More time for HR to focus on talent management

Based in Melville, New York, Nikon Inc. is the world leader in digital imaging, precision optics, and photo imaging technology. The Nikon name is equated with extraordinary photographic performance, innovation, precision, and optical quality. Nikon controls and manufactures every aspect of its glass-making business, allowing it to ensure the best quality and performance in its products.

520 employees

Nikon’s HR team had been using a payroll service bureau and was burdened with manual paperwork. The HR team determined the company needed the advantages of an HCM solution with functionality for talent management, Web self-service, as well as online open enrollment for benefits administration.


Nikon Inc. went live on the Ultimate Software’s UltiPro solution in 2003. Since the initial activation, Nikon has reduced weeks of work to days, given its dispersed workforce quick access to HR information and personal details, and enabled the HR team to focus on more strategic contributions. The digital imaging corporation now delivers open enrollment materials to employees online rather than having the annual responsibility of coordinating and mailing hundreds of packets of information and forms on benefits plan. The Web portal also houses Nikon’s internal newsletters; a range of HR-related forms; links to benefits providers; and access to individual employee data, such as compensation history—available only through security-protected logins. Since pay stubs can be accessed through the UltiPro portal, Nikon has discontinued printing paper checks, adding even more value to the organization.

“UltiPro’s features for benefits enrollment has shaved two to three weeks from our open enrollment process because there are no mailings to prepare or massive amounts of data for us to enter by hand,” said Kathy George, payroll manager for Nikon Inc. “Conducting our annual benefits enrollment online is also great because we have hundreds of employees in remote locations.”

With a sales force and multiple warehouses across the U.S., Nikon Inc. decided to take advantage of the UltiPro portal to improve service and enable employees to get information quickly without HR assistance Employees can log onto the UltiPro portal from their office, company kiosk, home, or hotel. Individuals can make benefits changes online and update details such as home address, direct deposit choices, and certifications. Nikon’s HR department can transfer the automatic updates from the employee database directly to providers—without duplicate data entry—cutting time and improving accuracy.

“When an employee has questions, we can log on to see a live session. We can help him or her in minutes instead of spending days passing emails back and forth,” said George.

Using built-in workflow, modifications are routed to the appropriate approver and made live once authorized. By automating day-to-day changes through electronic workflow and empowering employees to handle updates on their own, Nikon’s records are current and accurate.

“The decision to use UltiPro’s Web tools and move to a paperless environment just made sense. Now our workforce, regardless of time of day or time zone, can help themselves without needing HR as a middleman,” said George. “Instead of dealing with paper forms, our teams have more time to focus on improving our strategic contributions to the organization as well as finding and retaining the right people.”

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