CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company
Accelerating talent acquisition via candidate-centric, cloud-based technology

Key Benefits

  • Provided employees, managers, and executives with instant access to information"”available 24-7
  • Accelerated processes for talent acquisition via candidate-centric technology
  • Achieves considerable soft- and hard-cost savings

Number of Employees

  • 600

Company Profile

CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company is the leading provider of Arizona workers' comp insurance. Founded in 1925, the company has nearly 35,000 workers' compensation policyholders and covers more than 50% of all businesses working in Arizona.

The Challenges

CopperPoint had been using a system built primarily for public sector service organizations. Many HR processes were conducted partially or completely by hand using paper forms, spreadsheets, interdepartmental mail, and filing cabinets.

The company's selection team began to search for a comprehensive HCM solution that would improve organizational effectiveness. After an extensive evaluation process, CopperPoint chose Ultimate Software's cloud-based UltiPro solution.

The Solutions

Now the company is experiencing a range of benefits since activating UltiPro's end-to-end functionality, including UltiPro's recruitment and 24-7 direct access for employees and managers.

"UltiPro has helped us achieve numerous efficiencies in the way we provide services to our business. It has enabled us to give our employees, managers, and executives the information they need to make critical personnel and operating decisions," said Tom Spencer, senior HRMS analyst and project manager at CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company. "We have been very pleased with UltiPro. In addition to having rich HCM functionality, cloud technology has brought a range of business advantages," said Spencer.

Ultimate Software's cloud delivery provides CopperPoint with a cost-effective, pricing structure—paid per-employee-per-month—eliminating the substantial costs related to hardware, updates, maintenance, and technical support. Plus, with Ultimate's cloud services, companies like CopperPoint can access all of UltiPro's feature sets in one solution from anywhere at any time.

Another critical advantage for CopperPoint is UltiPro's feature for talent acquisition. Rather than using a manual process, applicants now can use candidate-centric, web-based functionality to quickly apply for positions.

"It used to take two to three weeks from the time a manager submitted a paper requisition until the position was posted," said Spencer. "Now we can have the position moved through approvals and on the job boards within a day. Our time-to-hire has definitely improved with UltiPro."

With web-based features to streamline processes, CopperPoint has been able to re-direct HR staff to more strategic roles because employees and managers can view, update, or have access workforce information without requiring assistance from HR associates. Employees can manage a range of activities online, such as adding a beneficiary, changing their home address, or creating and tracking their performance benchmarks. Managers can easily view their employee's data, run reports, and manage timesheets.

Overall CopperPoint has achieved marked efficiencies by reducing the costs and effort associated with paper, expediting HR processes, and reducing manual efforts when entering data from forms. With UltiPro's capabilities for enterprise integration, the HR team can pass information to medical, dental, and financial vendors without re-keying information.

"UltiPro is providing huge savings for us in both hard and soft costs. Previously, we manually entered data for approximately 20 benefits vendors, but now we can transfer this information electronically," said Spencer. "It seems like there is hardly any paper used by HR anymore with UltiPro."