Miles Kimball Case Study | Self-Service, Unified HCM

Miles Kimball

Key Benefits

  • Reduced reliance on paper with self-service, benefits enrollment, training, and recruitment functionality
  • Improved accuracy and decreased data entry with a unified solution for HR, benefits, and payroll
  • Enhanced reporting with hundreds of standard and customizable reports that expedite day-to-day, compliance, and business intelligence reporting

Number of Employees

  • 1,100

Company Profile

The Miles Kimball Company is a leader in the catalog business—offering cards, gifts, helpful household items, and unique food products. Headquartered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the business consists of several distinct catalogs: Miles Kimball, Christmas Cards by Miles Kimball, and Mrs. Kimball’s Candy Shoppe. Specializing in exclusively designed labels, calendars, photo products and gifts, the personal touch is the Miles Kimball hallmark.

The Challenges

Before activating UltiPro, Miles Kimball was using a service bureau for payroll and an in-house solution for its HR processes. With a workforce that can scale from 700 employees to 1,400 employees during the holiday season, company leadership realized one unified solution would address all of the company’s human resources and payroll needs. The company selected UltiPro in 2002.

The Solutions

Since Miles Kimball has a fluctuating and geographically dispersed workforce, UltiPro’s Web self-service has improved manager flexibility and visibility into workforce trends, enhanced employee service, and resulted in time savings.

UltiPro’s online functionality offers employees 24-7 access to view and update their individual information, modify benefits choices, and sign up for training courses. Once employee data is changed through self-service, the updates are immediately live and reportable in UltiPro. For example, after an employee completes a skills development course, management can review the information, evaluate that individual’s learning history, run a report to see how many employees have taken a particular course, or create a series of reports to assess the company’s learning and employee development as a whole.

“UltiPro streamlines the process by letting employees see training schedules, locations, and instructors. Our associates can enroll in courses that are best for them without picking up the phone or filling out forms. Managers can also run their own reports using self-service,” said Susan Boettcher, HR manager at Miles Kimball. "Compensation, headcount, and open position reports give our management team the big picture so they can modify labor to meet budgetary requirements and other business goals. UltiPro’s self-service gives everyone what they need when they need it and reduces our use of paper."

This reduction is one way that Miles Kimball is holding down costs, and UltiPro’s unified solution for HR, payroll, and benefits is an additional mechanism for savings. Previously, the multiple systems used by the retailer resulted in duplicate data entry, reconciliation efforts to keep the systems in sync, and cumbersome reporting. With UltiPro’s one-table design, Miles Kimball cut data entry needs and eventually trimmed the HR department headcount by 10%.

“With the previous vendor, we had to enter new hires three different times. Ultimate Software’s UltiPro solution has helped us become more efficient,” said Boettcher. “We have improved our reporting capabilities and now have more time to focus on activities that deliver a higher value to our business. UltiPro is creating a positive impact across the entire company.”

Now that Miles Kimball’s workforce information is consolidated into one centralized platform, the HR department can build reports tailored to specific divisions, individuals, or jobs, or based on nearly any field in UltiPro. The HR team also has expedited the creation of governmental reports and basic reports that are used almost daily.