CASE STUDY:  David Weekley Homes


  • Reduced HR-related calls by adding online self-service for employees and managers
  • Improved benefits enrollment with Web functionality
  • Automated a range of HR process for cost-effective management of rapid growth


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Since its inception in Houston, Texas in 1976, David Weekley Homes has formed its reputation on building quality new homes and providing homebuyers with innovative floor plan designs. The company has built more than 65,000 new homes in hundreds of communities throughout 14 cities'and ranks as one of the largest privately held home builders in the U.S. David Weekley Homes also has appeared numerous times on FORTUNE' magazine's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For.


David Weekley Homes was managing growth while trying to keep employee-related costs low. For its HR and payroll, the company had been using a mainframe system that lacked the sophisticated functionality to automate many processes'resulting in redundant data entry and rooms of filing cabinets filled with paper forms related to benefits enrollment, address changes, direct deposit modifications, and more. Plus, the HR department was overwhelmed with requests from employees and managers on everything from year-to-date personal payroll information to headcount reports that often were time-consuming to address.


David Weekley Homes selected UltiPro in 2001 for its comprehensive functionality for human resources, payroll, and talent management. By rolling out UltiPro's self-service for employees and managers, the company consolidated communication for its offices located across the U.S. and redistributed the responsibilities for specific workforce tasks to its employees.

David Weekley Homes allows team members to log into UltiPro and then review benefit deductions, compensation history, year-to-date pay information, and more. Managers are provided with real-time details on their teams, such as performance reviews and paid-time-off histories, and they can easily submit salary changes using workflow approvals.

'One of the most significant benefits across our business with UltiPro is manager self-service," said Mike Brezina, vice president of human resources for David Weekley Homes. 'Now our 120-plus supervisors have many more tools on hand to help them address issues in a timely manner, and our HR team is now focused on maximizing productivity and handling a larger workforce.'

Another key improvement with UltiPro is the company's online functionality for benefits enrollment. Previously, the HR department had to distribute paper forms to the company's 14 locations, wait for their return, and manually enter information into spreadsheets. Now, team members can log in from home or office'anywhere with a Web connection'and then complete the entire benefits enrollment process in minutes.

According to Idalia Morfey, systems analyst for David Weekley Homes, open enrollment is much more effective with UltiPro. Once the HR team completes the process, it takes only a few clicks to pull the data into a file for benefits providers'as opposed to the days of work it took for three or four people with its previous process for annual enrollment.

With UltiPro's providing employees with quick online access to individual HR/payroll-related information, David Weekley's workforce now can view, modify, and update a range of data, such as home address, names of beneficiaries, and direct deposit choices'without having to rely on assistance from administrative staff. Electronic transactions also have increased the productivity of HR staff, freeing them to take on strategic tasks, such as evaluating turnover and compensation.

'UltiPro has been an immense source of efficiencies for us, has given us the tools to operate as effectively as possible, and has helped us manage our expansions,' said Morfey.