Goldbelt, Incorporated
Creating range of cost savings with single-source human capital management

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined HR processes that accommodate rapid company growth
  • Control of complex and unique payroll, resulting in greater operational efficiencies
  • Role-based access and company Web portal create cost savings

Number of Employees

  • 250

Company Profile

Goldbelt, Incorporated is a major economic force in Southeast Alaska. Founded in 1973 in accordance with the terms of the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Goldbelt harvested timber for two decades before strategically shifting to the rapidly growing tourism trade in the mid-1990s. Since 1994, the company has doubled its assets by operating a variety of tourism companies to nearly 400,000 annual visitors. In addition, the company currently has six separate 8(a) companies that conduct business with the federal government. These business activities include construction, leasing of vehicle and IT equipment, military training, facilities management, personnel placement, logistical support, and aerospace engineering.

The Challenges

With a 180-degree shift in mission from timber to tourism, Goldbelt experienced rapid growth. This expansion, along with payroll complexities that arose because of issues unique to tourism in Alaska, created many payroll administration difficulties for the company. Goldbelt’s self-designed HR system and separate payroll solution required manual integration and reconciliation—and the company was stressed to the breaking point. Additionally, Goldbelt needed an online tool to help the company better communicate with and disseminate information to its employees throughout its many subsidiaries.

The Solutions

Goldbelt’s management needed a unified human resources and payroll solution that was scalable and that incorporated a powerful SQL database. This solution had to integrate with the company’s third-party systems and had to be supported by excellent and responsive technical customer service.

Following diligent research, Goldbelt’s review committee identified Ultimate’s UltiPro as the only solution that could meet all of its goals: flexibility, scalability, unified human resources and payroll, increased efficiencies, and reduced maintenance costs. The activation of UltiPro and migration of Goldbelt’s data began in February 2001, and just four months later, the first payroll was successfully processed.

“Ultimate Software responded immediately to our request to have the solution up and running very quickly. It took just four months from the time we selected UltiPro to the time we successfully ran our first payroll,” said Reed Reynolds, corporate MIS administrator for Goldbelt, Incorporated.

With the deployment of UltiPro, Goldbelt experienced as much as a 50% savings in payroll personnel costs, and the high costs related to manual integration were eliminated. UltiPro also can easily handle the complexities of the company’s payroll, which includes year-round and seasonal staff, part-time and full-time employees, union and nonunion employees, and employees who work multiple jobs in a single period with differing pay rates. UltiPro accurately tracks and calculates varying hourly rates and the differing rates of workers’ compensation.

“With UltiPro, we were able to reduce our payroll staff as we went from 3¼ employees year-round to one year-round and only 1½ in peak season,” said Reynolds.

Goldbelt also is experiencing considerable savings through the company portal because employee communications for the rapidly expanding workforce are immediately available online—reducing costly print and re-print jobs. Plus, UltiPro accommodates the administration of health coverage and other benefits for eligible employees as well as carefully tracks accumulating benefits eligibility for other employees. UltiPro’s Web self-service for Goldbelt’s employees provides instant access to benefits and payroll details, and the company is enjoying the advantage of having a tremendous workload lifted from its HR staff.