SECURA Insurance

Reducing payroll processing from one week to one day

Key Benefits
  • Reduced payroll processing hours from one week to one day
  • Improved workforce management
  • Integrated employee training and certification tracking

SECURA Insurance is a mutual, property and casualty insurance company known for providing exceptional service to policyholders and agents. As a super-regional carrier, the company partners with independent agents in 13 states. SECURA was founded as The Farmers Home Mutual Hail, Tornado, and Cyclone Insurance Company of Seymour, Wisconsin in 1900. Since then, the company has expanded to offering robust commercial, personal, and farm products and services. SECURA is rated “A” by A.M. Best, signifying excellent financial strength.

550 employees

SECURA had relied on a service bureau for its payroll and HR services needs, with separate in-house software for management of its training functions. The company was dissatisfied with the service bureau’s results, including the excessive amount of time dedicated to payroll processing. SECURA also experienced an unacceptable level of mistakes and customer support with the service bureau. In addition, the previous human resource and training software did not meet the company’s needs for tracking employee information and education. The lack of integration among HR, training, and payroll, coupled with the lack of quick access to employee data, made the decision to search for a new vendor an easy one.


After an extensive selection process, the insurance company’s project team unanimously chose UltiPro offered by Ultimate Software. UltiPro provides SECURA with a complete, cost-effective in-house solution that enables more control of all HR and payroll tasks. The project team was impressed with the quick activation and immediate results from having one centralized system in-house. Activation of UltiPro took four months and met SECURA’s requirement to be live by January 1, 2000.

“We are an expanding company, and we needed a complete payroll and HR solution that would grow with us while helping us significantly reduce costs and man-hours,” said Donna Van Landghen, payroll & HRIS administrator for SECURA Insurance. “UltiPro is a wonderful resource that has helped us streamline all of our payroll, human resources, and training needs.”

With UltiPro, SECURA’s payroll team allocates only 1.5 days per pay period to process the company’s 550-associate payroll—a significant time savings as compared with the week it used to take with the service bureau. Because the payroll can be double-checked for accuracy before printing, SECURA can process its payroll with more than 99.85% accuracy. UltiPro’s role-based access provides SECURA management and employees with immediate access to personal information, vacation, pay history, and more. Employee satisfaction has increased, and employees are no longer relying on HR for routine information and can view and/or print data as needed.

From a technology standpoint, role-based access for both managers and employees was easy to activate. Employees can maneuver through the solution and accomplish required tasks without assistance from the HR team. Managers have the tools to view their staff’s job, education, and paid time-off as well as basic contact information. Managers also have the capability to administer performance increases and change salaries. These tools empower them to take a more active management role and become more of a resource for employees.

One of the more important features of role-based access is that employees can quickly sign up for training. The course, instructor, and even the number of seats available can all be viewed online. The results must be tracked as performance requirements and are based upon completion of training classes and certifications. With UltiPro, employees can enter their own training information online, employees can take control of their careers, and managers can track their progress.

“It’s important to remember that HR is here to serve our employees,” said Van Landghen. “As we improve efficiencies with our HR products, we are then enabling our employees to dedicate more time to their responsibilities. UltiPro has helped us achieve these goals.”

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