• Aligned employee performance with organizational strategy
  • Increased employee engagement in performance management by more than 60%
  • Provided executives with deeper visibility into its workforce through easy-to-run reports


  • 4,000


PSAV is the leading provider of event technology for meeting planners and producers across the corporate, association, and tradeshow markets. With more than 800 partner locations worldwide, the company provides an unparalleled range of event technology to support its customers’ ability to create, collaborate, and communicate.


With thousands of decentralized employees functioning in a mobile, fast-paced environment, the HR team had struggled to provide the best possible support to its employees while achieving its overall business objectives. One of the major obstacles PSAV faced was that the company had been using a payroll service bureau, which wasn’t addressing the wide range of requirements that were critical to the company’s business. Considering the gradual rising costs and the lack of value with the service bureau, executives began evaluating HCM solutions.


After a rapid activation of UltiPro as its HCM solution, PSAV has improved employee performance management, re-aligned compensation management that cultivates a culture of accountability, and provided executives with deeper visibility into the company’s workforce.

“The technology that we offer our customers is unparalleled, yet many of our processes for people management were manual and outdated. We needed a major overhaul. In addition to looking for a way to deepen and strengthen business operations, we were looking for an HCM solution that could adapt to our constantly changing workforce because we have many seasonal and temporary employees,” said Sudi Korba, vice president of human resources at PSAV. “We had our kickoff meeting with Ultimate Software in December 2009, and UltiPro was fully activated with payroll, HR, and unified performance management by April 2010. Without a doubt, it was the shortest timeframe for a deployment that I’ve ever experienced.”

In fact, Korba reports that, after bringing business leaders together for a two-hour meeting to establish the workflow rules, she was able to activate UltiPro’s feature for performance management on her own the same day. Previously, PSAV had no formal performance management or consistent goal-setting processes in place. The HR teams used assorted spreadsheets and different appraisal formats so there was no uniform or consistent way for executives to assess employee performance by role, department, salary grade, or any factor that could provide much-needed business intelligence.

“With UltiPro, we are incorporating individual goals into our business plan, and we are seeing awesome results. Our leadership has been astonished, and we’ve raised the accountability of our employees as well as aligned performance with organizational strategy. With uniform standards and scoring, we are now establishing a true pay-for-performance culture,” said Korba. “By leveraging UltiPro as our global system of record as well as our talent management solution, we have cut HR transactional costs by 30%, reduced full-time HR headcount by 50%, and increased employee engagement in performance management by more than 60%.”

With a comprehensive solution that includes HR, payroll, performance management, and salary planning, Korba has redesigned part of the company’s compensation structure and aligned incentive plans with employee and company objectives Now, employees are driving their own career paths, PSAV has a more accountable workforce, and leaders have consistent processes for compensation, benefits, and career development.

In addition to improvements for talent management and compensation structure, UltiPro has enabled PSAV to access meaningful metrics, and with easy-to-run reports on all the elements of HR in one place, company leaders have better insight into the workforce.

“The amount of information that managers can now access is almost surreal to them,” says Korba. “They can see what’s happening with their staff, make proactive decisions, and take the right steps without calling HR. Our experience with UltiPro has been extremely positive. Because of UltiPro, we’ve been able to restructure our HR department, take on more strategic projects, and reduce expenses tremendously—a ball-park estimate is hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in hard-cost savings alone,” said Korba. “All of us at PSAV embrace technology like UltiPro and the way that it improves our lives. UltiPro has definitely had a huge impact on our business.”