J. Polep Distribution Services

Empowering employees and streamlining processes with instant access

Key Benefits
  • Generating more valuable, accurate reports and analytics
  • Empowering employees and streamlining processes with role-based access for employees
  • Leveraging an agile HCM solution to accommodate future expansion

Founded in 1898, J. Polep Distribution Services is ranked among the top 15 convenience store distributors in the U.S. The company provides services to more than 4,000 chains and independent retailers in multiple states. Distribution centers are located in Chicopee and Woburn, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; and West Haven, Connecticut.

700 employees

In recent years, J. Polep had doubled in size, stretching the HR team to the limit. The company needed a comprehensive HCM solution that could deliver relevant, point-in-time reporting and that could efficiently handle HR, time management, recruitment, payroll, performance management, and benefits.


To support the company’s rapid expansion, J. Polep selected UltiPro because of its end-to-end functionality, cohesive HR reporting tools, and easy-to-use web portal for employees.After going live with UltiPro in March 2010, the company is now addressing its pressing requirements through a cloud platform for human capital management.

“Before UltiPro, we had no time to be proactive or develop strategic reports. Since we previously used a payroll service bureau, a separate point-of-sale solution for time management, and paper for most HR processes, we spent an excessive amount of time just maintaining these systems and databases,” said Kim Counter, vice president of human resources at J. Polep Distribution Services.

“When I first saw UltiPro’s report dashboard, it was an epiphany. I didn’t know an HCM solution could be this intuitive and easy to use to develop meaningful workforce reporting. UltiPro is enabling us to become more proactive and enhance our HR practices.”

With UltiPro as its single platform for HCM, businesses can generate broader and more valuable reports and analytics that respond to virtually any request. The HR team can securely access and modify information at any time, and these changes are immediately available for reporting. Information is more accurate because data is entered only once.

“It was very important to find a provider that could address and facilitate the full spectrum of responsibilities of my department, including time management,” said Counter. “To grow efficiently and strategically, we needed technology that would allow us to expand our businesses without having to expand our HR resources. If someone came in tomorrow and asked me to handle a large acquisition without adding staff, I would say yes because we now have UltiPro.”

One key to managing growth at J. Polep is in deploying web technologies for HCM in order to empower employees and streamline processes. Because many employees do not work at desks, J. Polep’s HR team gave its associates access to kiosks at distribution centers as well as the ability to log in from home.

Counter believes UltiPro’s ease of use has played a critical role in employee adoption and success of the portal — both within the HR team and across the company.

“As we roll out additional features of UltiPro’s functionality — benefits enrollment, recruitment, time management, and performance management — our data becomes more precise with every step and our employees become more interested in taking advantage of these tools,” she said. “Employees can see and update their personal information, ensuring another level of data validation. Our employees definitely are enjoying the advantages of having quick, 24-7 access to their information.”

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