Blyth, Inc.
Reduces HR administration by 50% through instant access for employees and managers

Key Benefits

  • Synchronizes all workforce information through centralized HCM platform
  • Quickly delivers a full range of unique reports on its global workforce
  • Reduces HR administration by 50% through role-based access for employees and managers

Number of Employees

  • 1,000

Company Profile

Blyth, Inc., headquartered in Greenwich, CT, USA, is a multi-channel company primarily focused on direct selling. The company designs and markets home fragrance products and decorative accessories, as well as weight management products, nutritional supplements, and energy drink mixes. Blyth also designs and markets household convenience items and personalized gifts through the catalog/internet channel, as well as tabletop lighting and chafing fuel for the foodservice trade.

The Challenges

Growing rapidly and with more expansion planned, Blyth, Inc. struggled with the payroll service bureau it was using because it didn't provide the range of HR functionality the company needed now or for the future. Using a mixture of systems and databases, the HR team had difficulty pulling real-time, comprehensive workforce reports and analytics. Plus, reports from the service bureau were costly and not delivered immediately.

The Solutions

With UltiPro now as its Human Capital Management system of record, Blyth, Inc. is now optimizing its HR operations, including the flexibility to build a range of tailored reports on its 1,600-employee global workforce.

“Our international markets can input their own workforce information into UltiPro and access the easy-to-use solution whenever they need to. Now, our HR teams have a central, go-to place for employee data,” said Michelle Tassinari, manager of corporate HRMS/payroll for Blyth, Inc. “With UltiPro, our visibility into our workforce has expanded and become much clearer. When we need to answer a question about someone’s job history or compensation details, we now can find it in seconds. We’re very excited that we have elevated our strategic capabilities.”

UltiPro’s Web portal also allows Blyth’s employees to complete the appropriate HR-related changes, such as making benefits changes or updating life-events information after a marriage or the birth of a child.

“Because our employees are embracing the ability to manage their own information with UltiPro, we’ve reduced the resources required on my team by 50%. We are much more productive and effective,” said Tassinari. “Our business units are excited to have on-the-spot access to critical information. Plus, our HR teams can quickly configure and deliver report to managers and make these results available on demand.”

Because UltiPro integrates well with third-party systems, Tassinari regularly schedules information to be transmitted to benefits providers—another significant burden removed from her responsibilities.

“Before UltiPro, when an employee had to change something like a medical contribution, he or she filled out a paper form and then sent the info to HR. After it was validated, the paper was put in a box that was sent to me, and we manually entered the information in a number of places. The duplicate data entry was time-consuming, inefficient, and costly,” said Tassinari.

“Now, employees make the change in UltiPro, and HR approves it over the Web. Because the process is automated and streamlined, accurate, reliable data is fed weekly to providers without anyone from HR having to key in any data. Our global information is synchronized in one system of record, and we have eliminated significant time, effort, and expense from day-to-day HR administration. Immediate advantages for us have been higher levels of productivity, flexibility, and process control.”

“Our company relies on Ultimate as an innovator in HCM technology, and as we move into the future, we will rely on more and more of UltiPro to add greater value to the company and to strategically manage our people,” said Tassinari. “Ultimate Software listens to its customers and stays one step ahead of what the industry needs. Product leadership is one of the key reasons why Ultimate is so successful.”