National Life Insurance Company

Substantial reducing paper-consuming activities and related costs

Key Benefits
  • Achieves substantial reduction in paper-consuming activities and related costs
  • Provides employees with on-the-spot, 24-7 Web access to a full range of personal and company information
  • Elevates efficiencies by ensuring accuracy and streamlining workflow across various departments and locations

Founded in 1848, the National Life Group offers a range of insurance and investment products throughout the U.S. through its namesake National Life Insurance Company and other subsidiaries, including Equity Services (financial products broker/dealer), Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (insurance and annuities), National Retirement Plan Advisors (a third-party administrator), and Sentinel Investments (mutual funds, retirement plans, and institutional investment accounts).

1,700 employees

With a corporate goal to go green, National Life Insurance recognized that its HR operations were a pivotal focus. Typically, HR has a myriad of paper-related processes, such as payroll, compliance, recruitment, onboarding, benefits management, and performance appraisals. Then there are the additional mountains of paper for company manuals and handbooks, tax forms, timesheets, training materials, reports, and more. In addition to reducing the related costs and massive storage, National Life Insurance wanted to deepen its long-standing commitment toward socially responsible business practices by leveraging Web-based functionality for its HCM processes.


In 2004, National Life began using UltiPro to optimally advance its environmental initiatives, streamline payment processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity. As a result of UltiPro’s Web-based features for recruitment, employee self-service, and training management, almost all of the insurance company’s HR transactions have become electronic, eco-friendly processes.

“UltiPro has removed the paper resume from our company. Plus everyone in our organization is involved in our push to become a green business,” said Joy Driscoll, HRIS analyst for National Life Insurance Company. “Employees are contributing and connected to our environmental objectives with quick online access to a full range of information, including paychecks, benefits details, business forms, HR and company news, and more. Our workforce also can view and select training programs using UltiPro’s Web features. We quickly experienced a substantial reduction in paper forms and interdepartmental mail as well as more effective collaboration across our company.”

National Life has also improved the security of confidential information and ensured that both internal and external communications are consistent. “A great example is that we now are moving toward optimal talent acquisition because UltiPro automates the recruitment process,” said Driscoll. “Our HR team now receives and reviews candidates’ information directly through the UltiPro Web portal. If an applicant’s credentials match our job requirements, we can easily forward online resumes to the hiring manager for a more detailed screening or review.”

“Once a candidate is interviewed and selected, his or her data is automatically transmitted into our employee database. All communication is instant, and mountains of paper have disappeared. Plus, we have eliminated the need to physically transport data—saving the use of paper, time for labor, and consumption of fuel.”

With UltiPro, the entire recruitment process can be completed online—creating job descriptions, posting positions on job boards, receiving and reviewing applications, arranging interviews, sending communications to applicants, and more. And through robust audit trails available in UltiPro, National Life’s HR team is ensuring greater precision for compliance with its range of regulatory or legislative requirements related to its workforce.

In addition to paperless recruitment, National Life is leveraging UltiPro’s self-service and secure Web portal to give its employees on-the-spot access to their HR and payroll details. While contributing to environmental initiatives, the HR team has improved efficiencies, reduced administrative costs, and connected its workforce. Benefits with paperless self-service for employees include improved employee satisfaction, better communication and collaboration, as well as 24-7 access to commonly needed documents, such as benefits enrollment, expense forms, training materials, and more.

“Our company believes strongly in making the world a better place to live, and we are totally committed to the highest levels of eco-friendly business practices,” said Driscoll. “Without a doubt, the more we have done online and the more we automated our HR processes, the less paper we have consumed. By taking advantage of UltiPro’s features for paperless HR and payroll, we are creating a lighter ecological footprint as well as adding to greater savings for our business.”

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