Kinetico Water Systems Case Study| Global, Reporting, Business Intelligence, Strategic HR

Kinetico Water Systems
Providing streamlined capabilities for managing global workforce

Key Benefits

  • Consolidates all HCM processes and data into one solution
  • Delivers real-time reporting that enhance executive decision-making
  • Provides streamlined capabilities for global workforce management

Number of Employees

  • 350

Company Profile

Headquartered in Newbury, Ohio, Kinetico is a leading manufacturer of water treatment systems. An extensive network of Kinetico dealers serving residential and commercial customers has helped more than one million people in nearly 100 countries experience the benefits of better water. Since 1970, Kinetico has prided itself on creating state-of-the-art water treatment systems that serve customers in an expanding variety of applications. The company also has offices and facilities in the U.K., Canada, France, and Denmark.

The Challenges

Kinetico was using a payroll service bureau plus several different HR solutions to support its global HCM needs. However, the company found the disparate systems could not efficiently handle the complex HR, talent acquisition, and payroll requirements for its global operations and ongoing expansion. The multiple systems posed a problem because team members were entering the same data into several databases and then manually reconciling the information in spreadsheets and on paper. Additionally, with multinational employees, Kinetico needed a flexible, unified, and comprehensive HCM solution that would be accessible to all employees worldwide.

The Solutions

“UltiPro’s sophisticated, scalable functionality is helping us consolidate all of our HCM processes and data,” said Christopher Montana, vice president of human resources at Kinetico Water Systems. “Activation was easy, and Ultimate Software’s customer support has been great at every level. With UltiPro’s end-to-end HCM design, we enter information one time, and it is immediately available for every area of HR, payroll, and reporting.”

With Kinetico’s global presence, Montana wanted to ensure that HR and company management had quick access to consistent information in order to make more informed business decisions. Now, through UltiPro’s business intelligence tools, Kinetico’s executives, supervisors, and HR associates get strategic insight from HCM data that previously had not been available.

“UltiPro’s configurable executive dashboards and real-time reporting capabilities for detailed trends are not only improving HR’s ability to analyze our HCM metrics, but also enhancing managerial and executive decision-making,” said Montana. “UltiPro is adding tremendous value to HR. We’ve connected all the elements of HCM and made these available in one place, and we plan to extend the UltiPro portal beyond HR as a corporate portal serving all of our international locations.”

Kinetico is using UltiPro’s Web-based employee and manager self-service across many of its numerous locations. These capabilities allow businesses to track employee data across multiple continents through quick access to the portal from anywhere with a Web connection. The company also has found that UltiPro’s user interface is easy to use and that its look-and-feel is appealing to a variety of different cultures and working styles.

“Many businesses are struggling to efficiently handle globalization from an HR perspective,” said Montana. “UltiPro has been a great choice for our organization, and the solution is working beautifully.”