City of Nampa
Activates within 90 days and Improved management of time and attendance

Key Benefits

  • Increased payroll efficiency—saved more than 300 combined days of manpower per year
  • Improved management of time and attendance
  • Activated within 90 days

Number of Employees

  • 700

Company Profile

Nampa is Idaho’s second largest city, located in the southwest corner of Idaho and about 20 miles west of Boise, the state capitol. One of the fastest growing cities in the Northwest, Forbes Magazine has frequently listed this metro area in its Top 10 Places for Business and Careers.

The Challenges

Previously, the City of Nampa was using five different applications to manage its workforce. Each one required system maintenance, and each had related annual fees. The duplicate information among these systems often didn’t match, and HR staff had to manually compile and reconcile the data for reporting. As a result, the decision-making team sought a best-in-class human capital management (HCM) solution to streamline administrative efficiencies as well as deliver strategic HR tools for maximum benefits.

The Solutions

The City of Nampa deployed UltiPro with Software-as-a-Service in 2009 and has since improved its overall HCM processes, including HR, payroll, recruitment, performance management, and time management. As one of the fastest growing cities in the Northwest, the City of Nampa has experienced a tremendous increase in job applications for its open positions, and process improvements became critical.

To better manage this influx, the City leveraged UltiPro to automate the entire recruitment process, centralize applicants into a single database, and ultimately expedite its time-to-hire. With UltiPro’s online prescreening process, HR and hiring managers can quickly sort through hundreds of applicants to narrow their search without manually reviewing resumes.

“With UltiPro, HR can sift through candidates in minutes, reducing an applicant pool from 300 to 20 with the touch of a button. HR loves it,” said Dennis D. Elledge, director of information systems for the City of Nampa. “Our processes for talent acquisition and performance management are now entirely paperless. As an employee moves from being a job candidate through the entire employment cycle, it is one smooth, flowing process with UltiPro.”

The payroll team has also seen substantial improvements. In the past, it often took three people three days every week to manage payroll. Now, two people can complete the City of Nampa’s payroll in a single day—saving more than 300 combined days of manpower per year.

“Because our payroll processing is so much more efficient with UltiPro, we have been able to reassign a payroll person to another job function and the payroll team can take on new financial responsibilities,” said Elledge. “We can offer better service to employees with less staff because our HR and payroll teams are more efficient and have maximized their productivity.”

UltiPro also allows HR teams to become more strategic by reducing the time spent on tactical activities and paperwork. For example, one of the City’s most paper- and resource-intensive processes was managing time and attendance. The City has started rolling out UltiPro’s feature for time management to its workforce, and Elledge is already hearing positive feedback.

“Previously, we used paper forms, which were given to supervisors, signed, and then transported to the main office. Now, no paper or gasoline is required—and our team saves significant time by not having to reenter this data from paper forms,” said Elledge.

Time was a critical resource for the City of Nampa when rolling out UltiPro. The City had to deploy the solution within 90 days to meet internal deadlines—a goal accomplished due to the combination of Ultimate Software’s tenured services team and rapid deployment process.

“We had a very aggressive activation plan that needed to be completed in three months. Without a doubt, it was the smoothest and most well-organized deployment I’ve experienced in my IT career,” said Elledge. “The software is impressive, and Ultimate’s people and deployment methodology are equally extraordinary.”