BWI Case Study | Self-Service, Reporting, Business Intelligence, Time and Labor

BWI Companies

Key Benefits

  • Expedited and refined time and labor processes
  • Enhanced data integrity
  • Improved visibility into critical HR information

Number of Employees

  • 600

Company Profile

BWI Companies, Inc. currently distributes lawn and garden products, horticultural products, and turf products to garden centers, farm & feed stores, hardware stores, grocery, regional multi-store outlets, greenhouse growers, nursery growers, landscapers, lawn & landcare companies, golf courses and other related outlets. BWI began wholesale operations in 1972 and has since expanded to a total of 14 locations, including eight full line distribution centers across the Mid-South and Southeastern U.S.

The Challenges

BWI had been using traditional, stand-alone time clocks to collect employee attendance information. This data was passed from manager to administrator to the accounting department before being manually entered into the payroll service bureau. The lack of automation hindered administrative operations, and the reliance on paper files and manual data entry had become increasingly burdensome as the company expanded.

The Solutions

BWI selected UltiPro Workplace in 2008 for comprehensive human capital management (HCM), including HR, payroll, benefits, recruitment, performance management, and time management. In addition to numerous HCM benefits across the organization, one of the key areas where BWI is seeing significant improvements is time and labor management. With UltiPro, BWI is expediting and refining its time and labor processes, minimizing errors, and enhancing the visibility into time and attendance information for its HR and accounting teams, supervisors, and employees.

“We’re seeing an incredible difference in our efficiencies,” said Steve Collier, director of human resources for BWI. “Previously, our processes were tedious and labor-intensive. With UltiPro’s feature for time management, employees clock in, managers review and approve the time, and it’s ready for payroll—all using the Web.”

“Now the process is automated and streamlined, and it doesn’t require someone to check for problems and then correct them on the next payroll or issue manual checks. UltiPro is giving our line management more control and accountability, and our HR and accounting teams have much more time to focus on strategic programs rather than data input and error management.”

Before UltiPro, BWI’s process for time and attendance was error-prone because information was transferred from person to person and then manually entered for payroll. Today, the company is benefiting from built-in business rules that handle the company’s complex calculations for overtime, holiday pay, and other paid time-off (PTO)—and authorized employees and managers can view and modify data to ensure it’s accurate before submitting it to payroll.

“Previously, we wouldn’t know we had a problem until paychecks were in hand. Then we had to either issue a manual check or correct it on our next payroll. It was not the way to do business,” said Collier. “Now with UltiPro, our authorized employees and managers have more accountability for their time management, and payroll is right the first time. Everyone benefits—employees, managers, and our company.”

With more than 600 employees in 16 states, BWI also needed the advantages of a Web portal for its employees in order to enhance communication and information delivery to its remote users and corporate office. By using UltiPro’s portal, BWI employees can view current or past time sheets, request PTO, and see accrued vacation; managers can view real-time attendance details, approve time, and review PTO requests; and HR and accounting teams as well as company executives can quickly and conveniently analyze labor metrics on the company as a whole, for a department or business unit, or for a specific individual.

“For the first time, I have visibility into critical HR information, including time and attendance, for our entire workforce. When an employee or manager calls with a question, I can log on and then access everything I need without going to a physical file. Our accounting group has access to the identical information,” said Collier. “Most importantly, employees and managers have the same access, which is limited to information on themselves or their work group. UltiPro’s flexible tools for business intelligence are helping us tremendously by instantly delivering information and then slicing and dicing available data for labor reporting. UltiPro is positively impacting everyone in our company.”