Omni Hotels & Resorts Case Study| Large Company, Payroll, Reporting, Unified HCM

Omni Hotels & Resorts
Increasing payroll efficiency by 97% with UltiPro

Key Benefits

  • 97% increase in efficiency
  • Unified solution for the entire company’s HR, payroll, and benefits
  • Advanced tools for analytical reporting

Number of Employees

  • 12,000

Company Profile

Omni Hotels & Resorts provides award-winning, personalized guest experiences at 50 distinctive luxury hotels and resorts in leading business gateways and leisure destinations across North America. From exceptional golf and spa retreats to dynamic business settings, each Omni showcases the local flavor of the destination while featuring four-diamond services, signature restaurants, Wi-Fi connectivity, and unique wellness options.

The Challenges

Spread across North American, Omni’s multiple hotels were essentially operating as separate entities rather than one consolidated, functioning unit. Managing its employees without the use of a centralized database, Omni found information and report gathering to be very difficult.

While some of the properties were using a payroll service bureau, others were relying on a small in-house payroll system—leaving the corporate office the task of merging files and generating payroll, reports, and tax information for all employees from many separate sources. This time-consuming process made it difficult for the payroll department to produce consolidated reporting for upper management to analyze trends and for third parties, like Omni’s 401(k) provider, to meet compliance requirements.

Typical of the hospitality industry, Omni employees change job positions from day to day in order to fulfill guests’ needs. For example, an Omni employee might be a server on Monday, a valet on Tuesday, and a table bus person on Wednesday. With its former system, Omni did not have the ability to include all earnings for each job within one paycheck and attribute the costs to the different departments. This created many challenges for reporting, planning, and budgeting. To streamline the payroll process and ensure accuracy in job cost allocations among its 12,000 employees, the company needed a tailored, flexible payroll solution.

The Solutions

Omni Hotels was searching for an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution with robust business intelligence—an HCM solution capable of handling HR and payroll needs for its large employee base. To meet these requirements, the company selected UltiPro, Ultimate Software’s end-to-end solution for HR, payroll, and talent management. Now all of Omni’s properties can be managed in one centralized platform, and Omni can report on each location as a single entity or as part of a consolidated group of properties.

Under the company’s previous payroll system, the corporate payroll department had to consolidate each property’s employee 401(k) information from dozens of properties into one document in order to send the data to its retirement plan administrator. The process took approximately 15 hours. With UltiPro’s extensive functionality, the exact same information now can be generated in less than 30 minutes—increasing efficiency by 97%.

Omni’s former time-consuming payroll system dictated when and how its payroll department functioned. Rather than running analytical reports on a daily or weekly basis, the department was forced to scale back to running only monthly reports to ensure that its productivity would not be hindered by the three-to-four hour report-generation process. And since Omni was using two different types of systems, the company used to spend more than a week completing the multiple levels of data consolidation required to generate quarterly tax reports.

Now with UltiPro, the company can instantly generate and print real-time reports—without the additional expense of service bureau charges. UltiPro’s end-to-end functionality and easy integration with general ledger also allow Omni Hotels to quickly and accurately attribute employee earnings to the appropriate jobs and divisions within the company. UltiPro enables the company to efficiently calculate different pay rates for an employee that performs multiple jobs, produce only one paycheck with the multiple pay rates, and apply the costs to the appropriate departments.