San Diego Convention Center

Decreasing time to hire by 30% to 50%

Key Benefits
  • Consolidated disparate systems and databases with multiple providers into a unified solution from one vendor
  • Streamlined HR processes dramatically by going paperless
  • Supported the company's award-winning green initiatives

The San Diego Convention Center Corporation (SDCCC) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation created by the City of San Diego. The mission of SDCCC is to generate significant regional economic benefits by bringing national conventions and trade shows to its world-class facility. The convention center has generated more than $18 billion in economic impact since opening in 1989 and continues to support about 12,500 jobs county-wide. To insure exceptional customer service and quality workmanship for its clients, SDCCC has labor agreements with nine local unions.

700 employees

Like many organizations, The San Diego Convention Center Corporation had purchased multiple HR and employee management solutions over the years as different needs arose. In 2006, HR leaders found themselves with a half-dozen different solutions to handle its processes for human resources, payroll, talent management, and time and attendance. With numerous applications'and only some of them integrated'the convention center was plagued with redundancies, inefficiencies, reporting difficulties, and a lack of data integrity.


HR executives at SDCCC sought a comprehensive HCM solution that would deliver sophisticated functionality'with the added benefit of a single-source contact for customer service. Company leaders wanted Web access for administrators, managers, and employees, and they didn't want to burden internal IT resources with additional solutions to support, new headcount requirements to manage, and more software and hardware to maintain. In March 2008, SDCCC found the answer with UltiPro and its unique cloud delivery.

'Before UltiPro, the multiple solutions we used'along with the different custom interfaces we created'were like a house of cards that could fall at any time,' said Thomas Mazzocco, vice president of human resources and labor relations for the San Diego Convention Center Corporation. 'Now, rather than having disparate systems, providers, and databases for HR management, our HCM operations are much more effective and efficient with one vendor that provides comprehensive functionality with SaaS convenience. Ultimate has given us the peace of mind of knowing that we have one provider that is centralizing our employee-related information.'

Managing, marketing, and maintaining the city's convention center, SDCCC has employees in many various roles. It's no small task to evaluate, develop, and retain the organization's varied workforce. Before UltiPro, the convention center was using a stand-alone solution that required printed performance reviews. With UltiPro's feature for performance management, employees start the appraisal process with online self-assessments, and then the appraisal moves securely from employee to manager to HR/payroll approver through automatic workflow'creating a smooth, consistent process throughout the organization. In 2008, the convention center's annual performance evaluation process for supervisors and managers was completed faster than ever with UltiPro.

'Using UltiPro, we completed our leadership performance appraisal process in record time. The manual process slows things down, and review forms may get lost or misplaced. With UltiPro, the process is much faster and confidentiality is ensured,' said Mazzocco. 'UltiPro also has added value with new automated talent management tools, like self-appraisals, that have been embraced by everyone.'

Another paper-intensive responsibility for many HR departments is talent acquisition. Since migrating to UltiPro's feature for recruitment, SDCCC has decreased its time to hire by 30% to 50%, significantly cut the organization's dependence on paper, and made it easier for the HR team to comply with union requirements in conjunction with UltiPro's feature for employee relations that tracks disciplinary history.

'As specified by union rules, we need to notify certain senior employees about vacancies so they can apply if they want to,' said Mazzocco. 'When positions open, UltiPro's features for recruitment and employee relations help us quickly identify qualified people so we stay in compliance,' said Mazzocco.

From a cross-organizational standpoint, UltiPro has made a huge difference in reducing the organization's use of paper, cutting costs, and contributing to environmentally friendly business practices. 'Previously, we used reams of paper in HR, and now we use a fraction of that to print, handle, and store forms,' said Mazzocco. 'We feel good about taking this step to protect the environment. It fits with our overall commitment to conservation, for which we have received numerous awards in the past several years.'

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