Carolina CAT
Providing instant access to personal information with HCM software

Key Benefits

  • Key team data available to managers 24-7
  • Improved employee satisfaction by providing instant access to personal information
  • Increased value of HR executives

Number of Employees

  • 1,100

Company Profile

Carolina Tractor, one of the oldest Caterpillar dealerships in the U.S., was founded at Salisbury, North Carolina in 1926. The company has supported the growth of North Carolina by supplying Caterpillar equipment to the construction, road-building, utility, and mining industries. In addition to offering a full line of construction, forestry, and paving products, Carolina CAT also offers a complete line of material handling equipment, engineered systems, truck engines, power generation systems, and superior product support.

The Challenges

Before UltiPro, Carolina CAT did not have a unified platform for its HR, benefits, and payroll processes. To manage HR, the dealership was relying on outdated and time-consuming spreadsheets to track and manage information for approximately 650 employees. To run payroll, Carolina CAT was using a payroll service bureau that lacked robust reporting capabilities, convenient benefits management, or strategic features for talent management. Without a centralized HCM platform, the dealership had records in different systems that were out of sync, and its HR and payroll teams were forced to handle many processes manually with paper files, emails, and printed forms.

The Solutions

To become more efficient, Carolina CAT wanted a comprehensive HCM solution that would deliver end-to-end functionality with easy-to-use HR business intelligence. The company selected UltiPro and, since going live in January 2008, the HR team has made dramatic improvements across its business.

Managers now have 24-7 access to key data about their own teams, a secure workforce portal for access to company and individual information has improved communications and employee satisfaction, and executive decision-makers get relevant reports quickly and no longer rely on manual spreadsheets. With more than 50 managers in 12 locations, Carolina CAT has seen instant benefits by providing supervisors with quick access to information about their teams, such as staffing reports, compensation breakdowns, and performance review histories.

“Our managers never had anything like this before, so role-based access is a huge hit with them,” said Tom Bell, vice president of human resources at Carolina CAT. “By making this information rapidly available to managers, we are giving them the tools they need to perform their roles better than ever before.”

Similarly, with the UltiPro portal, Carolina CAT’s employees can quickly access year-to-date payroll summaries, business forms, and company news. According to Bell, after minimal training, employees have found that the UltiPro portal is a valuable resource that is very easy to navigate.

“Never underestimate the power that instant access has to make employees happy,” said Bell. “It has been a real ‘wow’ experience for our workforce, and the portal also helps our HR team because associates can get information on their own, which then frees our HR staff to dedicate its time and energy to other projects.”

Compiling metrics for executives or for external reporting demands is quick and efficient. Because UltiPro provides business intelligence across any area of HR, payroll, and benefits, Bell and his team can generate reports in minutes to review labor costs, current headcount, or 401(k) contributions. Plus UltiPro includes hundreds of standard and customizable reports.

“With our previous provider, all reports had to be written from scratch. We also couldn’t count on the reliability of the reports since we stored employee records in a number of different databases,” said Leah Beard, benefits partner at Carolina CAT. “Now we can get what we need in a snap with UltiPro’s reporting, and we know the data is correct.”

With UltiPro’s features for performance management and salary planning & budgeting, Bell estimates that the HR team will recoup hundreds of hours to focus on other projects. He also believes that these tools will add strategic value across the organization, helping to better manage talent and wage increases.

“It was important for us to have an HCM solution that could deliver everything that our HR/payroll team needs now and will need when moving into the future,” said Bell. “By providing end-to-end functionality, UltiPro is helping our entire organization operate more productively.”