Western National Property Management

Better managing unique and complex payroll calculations

Key Benefits
  • Averts the escalation of issues with detailed reporting
  • Provides employees with quick access to their information
  • Better manages unique and complex calculations

Western National Property Management manages more than 23,000 units throughout California, Utah and Nevada. The company is an arm of Western National Group, a 53-year-old, fully integrated multifamily acquisition, development, construction and property management firm.

1,100 employees

WNPM was frustrated with the limitations it encountered with the payroll service bureau and in-house payroll application it had been using before UltiPro. The company's previous systems lacked the business reporting, functionality, and flexibility that WNPM required to take its workforce operations to the next level. The firm began a search for a new vendor that could provide a comprehensive solution with end-to-end functionality for HR management.


After a thorough selection process, Western National Property Management chose Ultimate Software’s UltiPro solution. Ken Hodges, WNPM’s vice president of IT, reports that since going live in 2005, the company has identified and addressed specific workforce issues before they escalate by using UltiPro’s detailed reporting. Hodges’ team also has bridged technical gaps between the HR and payroll departments as well as leveraged UltiPro’s flexible set-up with hundreds of business rules that are applied automatically to address unique business requirements related to compensation. Before UltiPro, WNPM’s employee services teams had difficulty generating certain reports because they did not have a real-time reporting tool that could integrate the two different systems for HR and payroll.

With UltiPro, data and processes are connected in one solution, and users can run standard reports or create up-to-date, ad hoc business intelligence in minutes. System administrators in both HR and payroll use UltiPro’s cohesive reporting without concern about reconciliation or duplication of information. And WNPM relies on UltiPro’s reporting is vital to identify and handle issues before they turn into major problems.

“Every organization needs to spot trends that can result in unnecessary expenditures, unfairness, or legal actions. With UltiPro, we have located relatively minor issues involving overtime and turnover that could have become serious if management had remained unaware of them,” said Hodges. “UltiPro’s reporting helps us monitor our own pulse and see things clearly that will protect our employees and the company.”

Having all employee-related data housed in one system with online access has resulted in multiple time-saving benefits for WNPM. Managers and employees can securely tap into relevant business and personal details anywhere with an Internet connection. Managers can view complete details about their staff—such as compensation history, performance review dates/results, job and training histories, and more—all without contacting HR or payroll. Employees can make requests for vacation time, print W-2s, and view their current or historical pay details.

“We have employees in many locations. Previously they needed to contact HR and payroll, sometimes outside of normal business hours, to get questions answered. Now, they can quickly get those answers themselves with UltiPro’s employee self-service. Our HR and payroll teams are providing better service while dedicating more time and effort to higher-level activities,” said Hodges. “From functional and performance standpoints, UltiPro delivers, and our entire organization is taking advantage of it.”

Hodges and his IT team are minimizing errors and the need for manual intervention with UltiPro’s flexibility to manage hundreds of unique issues and exceptions. For example, because employees may work in different divisions in the same pay period, they may receive their salary based on either a percentage of the department or division in which they work or based upon the hourly rate of the job in that particular division.

UltiPro performs these complex calculations and allocations, including those related to worker’s compensation, benefits, and taxes, even if the workers are in different municipalities in the same pay period.

“UltiPro is robust enough to handle even the most complex calculations, but easy enough for our controller to set up and manage,” said Hodges. “UltiPro is rock solid and allows us to tailor it to our business. In addition to the software, Ultimate Software’s services have been a very positive experience. From activation to training to customer support, we are very satisfied with the solution.”

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