Explorer Pipeline

Delivering instant data access with one system of record for human capital management

Key Benefits
  • Increased efficiency and instant data access with one system of record for HCM
  • Easy-to-use and interface for both employees and administrators
  • Improved customer service and business collaboration

Explorer Pipeline is one of the preeminent providers of fuel transportation in the U.S. Explorer operates a nearly 1,900 mile common carrier pipeline system that transports gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel from the Gulf Coast to the Midwest. Explorer is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and also serves several major metropolitan markets, including Houston, Dallas, Tulsa, St. Louis, and Chicago.

200 employees

As the company has grown over the years, the HR team acquired several different tools to address specific HR needs. In 2009, the company found itself with a half-dozen solutions and databases for its HR and payroll processes. As a result, employees had to remember multiple passwords and logins while the HR team had to maintain multiple systems, keep these synchronized, and attempt to extract meaningful reporting from the disparate databases.


Since deploying Ultimate Software’s UltiPro in 2010, the company has consolidated its HCM operations into one single platform, including payroll, time management, benefits management/enrollment, recruitment, performance management, and succession management. Key advantages for Explorer Pipeline also include UltiPro’s ease of use as well as Ultimate’s customer service.

“Before UltiPro, each of our systems was disconnected from the other, and with different logins and user interfaces, it was confusing to everyone,” said Angel Stacy, director of human resources at Explorer Pipeline. “With UltiPro, everything is in one system of record. The quality of our data has vastly improved—including efficiency, instant access, better accuracy and integrity, and strategic reporting. And everyone across our organization has less stress because of UltiPro.”

Even with rapid expansion, Explorer Pipeline is now making its HCM operations more effective. The company’s HR team is operating more efficiently and strategically, and its employees are benefiting from a people solution that is designed for the way they work.

“It was important to us that UltiPro make it easier for employees to access and update their personal HR data,” said Stacy. “The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. UltiPro works the way you think an HCM solution should work.”

Other business benefits reported by Explorer Pipeline include:

  • Streamlined processes for talent acquisition
  • More and better analytics provided to managers
  • Improved security for sensitive information
  • Time spent on processing frequent performance-related bonuses reduced from days to hours
  • Enhanced internal communication by leveraging the UltiPro portal to display HR news and company information
  • Improved navigation and ease of use for employees

Before UltiPro, customer service was another challenge. Stacy’s team had to work with multiple vendors, and issues frequently took longer to be addressed than expected as well as involved a significant amount of HR resources.

“We used to struggle with the customer service that was provided to us,” said Candace Harney, payroll and HRIS administrator for Explorer Pipeline. “But with Ultimate Software, I log a ticket, I set the level of urgency, and it’s handled in a very responsive way. Our service representative at Ultimate knows our needs, who we are, and our business because we work with her almost exclusively, which is a great asset for our team.”

Ultimate Software’s customers can quickly submit customer service requests as well as provide suggestions for product enhancements. According to Michelle Griffith, compensation and benefits administrator for Explorer Pipeline, most of the suggestions that she submitted have already been accepted and introduced in UltiPro.

“Ultimate really listens. Within one year, we’ve already seen more new tools made available by Ultimate Software than we had seen in the combined history of our previous systems,” said Griffith. “I’ve seen 99% of the feedback that I have provided incorporated into the technology.”

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