Enhancing companywide business intelligence, better managing payroll with UltiPro

Key Benefits
  • Frees IT staff with Software-as-a-Service
  • Better manages complex payroll
  • Enhances companywide business intelligence and reporting

Dungarvin is an organization of privately owned companies that is dedicated to providing high quality, community-based support to people with developmental disabilities. Founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1975, Dungarvin has grown to employ approximately 3,000 people who provide support to more than 2,200 individuals across the U.S.

3,100 employees

Before UltiPro, the organization was using a payroll service bureau for payroll and an in-house solution to manage human resources. The lack of integration created problems with data integrity, redundant data entry, and cumbersome reporting.


Dungarvin chose Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) because Ultimate Software fully handles the IT hardware, software, updates, and upgrades needed to maximize the UltiPro solution. The healthcare company’s IT resources now are free to focus on core business strategies.

“SaaS lets us dedicate our IT resources to other projects and saves us the expense and effort in keeping up with the latest and greatest hardware,” said Debi Allsup, director of HR and risk management for Dungarvin. “UltiPro makes sense for organizations like ours that have limited IT resources but need the benefits of a comprehensive HCM solution.”

One of the advantages with Ultimate Software’s cloud platform is Web self-service for employees and managers. Dungarvin rolled out manager self-service to the company’s 300 executives and supervisors so they can view and manage staff details in areas such as compensation reviews, performance reviews, training, and various contact information. Regardless of location or time zone, Dungarvin’s managers can quickly access this data online—without calls or emails to the HR team.

“Previously, we provided managers with reports that were out of date before they even received the data. Now that our company has UltiPro, managers can collect real-time information on their own, and we all can operate more efficiently and effectively,” said Allsup.

Dungarvin also can better handle the complexities associated with its workforce, such as employees who work multiple jobs in the same pay period with different rates of pay. UltiPro automatically applies the correct pay rates for Dungarvin employees based on the employee’s job code and location, saving time and improving data integrity.

“We have very complex pay scales due to the variety of work that our employees perform. For instance, an employee is compensated differently depending on whether the care is provided during waking or sleeping hours. Different jobs also may require more training than others, and those jobs have higher compensation rates,” said Allsup. “Previously, we had to take the time to manually look up and enter the rates of pay. If there was an error or typo, there was a big problem. Now UltiPro applies the correct wages, expedites the process, improves accuracy, and enhances the service we deliver to our employees.”

Because different jobs at Dungarvin require different conditions of employment, accreditations, and experience, the company takes advantage of UltiPro’s rich reporting capabilities to perform 'gap' analyses—so leadership knows that there are no discrepancies between the qualifications of the employee and the requirements for the employee’s job. Ensuring that jobs are filled with the most qualified employees is an important factor in providing Dungarvin’s customers with the best care possible.

“Our employees frequently move from one job to another job within Dungarvin. Previously, it was very time-consuming to manually cross-check job prerequisites with employee accreditations, education, and training,” said Allsup. “Quality is what we are all about, and UltiPro helps us deliver on that mission.”

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