Diamond Vogel Paints

Improving reporting for day-to-day operations oversight, compliance with UltiPro

Key Benefits
  • Improved reporting for day-to-day operations oversight, compliance, and business intelligence
  • Reduced redundant data entry
  • Streamlined benefits management

With more than 85 years in the industry, Diamond Vogel Paints makes architectural (interior and exterior), industrial, and heavy-duty protective coatings, paints, and stains under brand names such as Diamond Vogel and Van Sickle. Its Old Masters unit makes stains, varnishes, pickling, and other wood care products. Diamond Vogel Paints sells its products through 80 company-owned stores, primarily in the Midwestern and Southwestern U.S.

900 employees

Diamond Vogel Paints used a payroll service bureau for its payroll and managed its human resources with spreadsheets and paper forms. With complexities resulting from 10 subsidiaries that have separate federal employer identification numbers, the company’s HR team was growing tired of paying the payroll service bureau for bonus payroll runs resulting from errors that leadership believes would not have occurred if his staff had in-house control of its processes.


To address their challenges, Diamond Vogel Paints selected UltiPro in September 2004. With correct information, the HR and payroll teams are creating meaningful reports for day-to-day operations oversight, compliance, and business intelligence.

“With UltiPro, the accuracy of our workforce information has improved dramatically,” said David VanderWerff, director of human resources for Diamond Vogel Paints. “Our reporting more valuable, our benefits management is streamlined, and the stress level of my employees has been reduced. Now my payroll manager has the time to use her vacation days.”

Previously, the HR team maintained data in a third-party application that was used for basic reporting. Now with UltiPro, VanderWerff’s team can generate sophisticated real-time manpower reports for supervisors that include a range of metrics, such as overtime and hours worked by location—all without any delays, add-on costs, or additional maintenance for the application. HR regularly uses UltiPro to create on-the-spot reports for managers—which was difficult, if not impossible, with the payroll service bureau.

“By providing company executives and managers with point-in-time reporting about topics that are relevant to our success, we are helping the company stay on target and focused on our business goals,” said VanderWerff. “Like many businesses, our investment in people is one of our largest expenses, so we want to make sure we are making the wisest decisions about these resources.”

Because UltiPro is a unified solution for human resources, payroll, and benefits, Diamond Vogel Paint’s staff cut the time spent entering redundant data when maintaining information on 900 employees in 14 states. With so much less data entry, Vogel Paints reduced headcount through attrition.

“When we were looking for an HCM provider, our concern was the value and strategic benefits we would achieve. We didn’t seek to cut costs, but reducing headcount was just a natural result of using UltiPro,” said VanderWerff. “We have achieved the objectives we set for UltiPro and much more.”

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